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Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

What is Colposcopy ?

Colposcopy is a procedure vaginal and cervical examination rahims by a physician experienced in the field. By examining the surface rahims neck, the doctor will determine the cause of abnormality of cervical cells rahims as stated in the examination 'Pap smear'. How to colposcopy examination were as follows: the doctor will insert a liquid into the vagina and neck tint rahims channels with a liquid that makes the surface of the neck rahims contains cells that terwarnai abnormally .. Then the doctor will look into the channel through the neck rahims a tool called kolposkop. Kolposkop is a binocular microscope, such a tool that uses a strong light with high magnification.
If the abnormal area was localized, the doctor will take samples of the tissue (a biopsy) for later sent to a lab for a detailed examination and accurate. Treatment will depend on the results of all your colposcopy examination.

How to your sexual activities?
At this stage, you do not have to worry about your sexual activity. You do not need to miss a sexual activity simply because the tests 'Pap Smear' you are positive, because it pre-cancer or cancer pain that you may not be passed on to your husband. But if you're in the healing treatment, you should ask your doctor when you can have sex intercourse again and how often these relationships.

Should follow-up examination after completion of treatment?
Further examination after the completion of treatment is absolutely necessary to obtain assurance that the area that has been treated has been cured at all. Even if the method of treatment you get, very effective, the cells are abnormal cells can sometimes recur again, can even grow with the degree of severity is higher. So early detection is a very essential thing once. During the first two years of treatment, you are advised to undergo tests 'Pap Smear' every three months or six months. If after three consecutive examination results 'Pap Smear' you are normal, this means that you have can be declared cured, and you can do a 'Pap smear' that every year is continue.


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