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Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

Cervical Cancer

Of course you are familiar with the term cervical cancer (Cervical Cancer), or cancer of the cervix. True, as the name suggests, cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the uterine cervix, an area in which the female reproductive organ is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with a hole intercourse (vaginal). This cancer usually occurs in women who have lived, but the statistical evidence shows that cervical cancer can also attack the women aged between 20 to 30 years.Indeed the term "cancer" itself is certainly giving the impression scary and creepy. Like a death row inmate received.

What about cervical cancer?
Was also just scary to some other cancers?
According to experts cancer, cervical cancer is one type of cancer the most preventable and most curable of all cancers. However, even if so, in the western Australian region alone, 85 people were recorded as many positive effects on women diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. And in 1993 alone, 40 women had died a victim of this cancer malignancy.

How cervical cancer occur?
Like all cancers, cervical cancers occur characterized by the growth of cells on the cervix that is not unusual (abnormal). But before these cells become cancer cells, there are some changes experienced by these cells. Changes in these cells usually take up many years before the cells had been transformed into cancer cells. During these breaks, proper treatment will soon be able to stop the cells are abnormal cells before they turn into cancer cells. The cells are abnormal presence can be detected by a test called a Pap smear test ", so the earlier the abnormal cells were detected, the more a person's risk rendahlah cervical cancer.
It is a Pap smear test is a test that is safe and inexpensive and has been used for years to detect abnormalities that occur in cells of the cervix. This test was first discovered by Dr. George Papanicolou, so called a Pap smear test. Pap smear test is a method of examination of cells taken from the cervix and then examined under a microscope to see the changes that occur from these cells. Changes in the cells of the cervix detected early will allow treatment of certain actions taken before these cells can develop into cancer cells.
This test only takes a few minutes. In a state lying on your back, an instrument called a speculum will be inserted into the hole intercourse. This tool is to open and hold the vaginal wall in order to remain open, allowing a free view and cervix seen clearly. Cells of the cervix and then taken by way of wiping the cervix with an instrument called a spatula, a device resembling a handle on ice cream, and smears is applied to the object-glass, and then sent to a pathology laboratory for a more thorough examination.
Procedure Pap smear test may be very unpleasant for you, but will not cause pain. Perhaps you would prefer a female doctor for this procedure, but in general the general practitioners and family planning clinics can turn to for help for a Pap smear test. Try doing a Pap smear test at the time was a week or two weeks after the end of your menstrual period. If you have menopause, a Pap smear test you can do at any time. But if the bladder uterus and cervix have been removed or surgery (hysterectomy or surgical removal of bladder uterus and cervix), you no longer need to do a Pap smear test because you're free from the risk of cervical cancer. Pap smear test is usually done once every two years, and better done on a regular basis. It must always remember is never too late to do a Pap smear test. Pap smear test is always required even if you are no longer doing sexual activities.

How Signs of Cervical Cancer?
Changes that occur early in cervical cells is not always a sign of cancer. Pap smear test regularly is necessary to know the early beginning of a change in the cancer cells. Changes in cancer cells may lead to further bleeding after sexual activity or between menstrual periods.
If you get these signs, you should immediately conduct investigation into the doctor. Any change or discharge (discharge) is not a normal thing, and a thorough examination must be done even if you've just done a Pap smear test. Even so, in general, after a thorough examination, the results are not always positive cancer.


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