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Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Sugary soda Pancreatic Cancer Causes

LOVE sugary sodas? It's good start to limit the amount of consumption. The reason, researchers say that those who consume at least two sugared soda per week 87 percent risk of experiencing greater lethal pancreatic cancer than those who avoid soda.

Researchers are not sure whether soft drinks are the single cause or because of an unhealthy lifestyle soda users. However, several previous studies have shown that soft drinks lead to increased blood sugar. This makes the pancreas additional stress.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the 11 types of cancer most common in the UK. This cancer is also one of the deadly forms of cancer. This cancer claimed claimed 7700 lives every year. Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze was one patient who died last year.

Increased blood sugar

In a study that lasted for 14 years, researchers from the University of Minnesota involving 16,000 men and women who live in Singapore. During the study period, found 140 cases of pancreatic cancer.

Researchers found, participants who ate two or more sugary soft drinks during the week 87 percent risk of disease is greater than those who did not drink.

According to researcher Dr Mark Pereira, people who consume sugary sodas on a regular basis tend to follow the pattern of a worse diet and lifestyle is not healthy. Pereira also said that there were no relationship between pancreatic cancer with fruit juice.

However, Pereira believes that the increase in sugar content of canned drinks can trigger a disease of the pancreas. "Higher levels of sugar in soft drinks can increase insulin levels in the body, which is believed to trigger the growth of pancreatic cancer cells," Pereira said, as quoted site .

Evidence of the effects of soda is still not consistent. Several previous studies have found that soda is not healthy. But there are also findings that indicate otherwise. Even so, you will be obese if the excess intake of sugar and soft drinks. And excess weight increases the risk of various cancers, including colon cancer and breast cancer.

The researchers also warned that sugary foods can increase blood sugar levels affect the pancreas. Increased blood sugar levels can stimulate the growth of the pancreas and this can trigger cancer.


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  1. Soft drinks and soda are the major cause of pancreatic cancer. It should be avoided for the better. Pancreatic Cancer badly affects the pancreas. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer differ from person to person. The early symptoms include nausea, weight loss, jaundice, vomiting etc. There are many treatments available but diagnosis is the main part. For more details refer Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms